What the hell is dysautonomia?

The horse with no name.

Heat Intolerance

Hot Blooded. 



Skin Discolouration

It's not purple darling.  It's aubergine.  (9th September 2009)


Speak, words, hard. Conversations with Dysautonomia.



Face Validity.


Fat bottom girls you make the rockin' world go round

Alas I have no junk in my trunk, nor no lovely lady lumps.


  1. I don;t want to sound like I know anything about your illness but I was reading about parasites today and I am wondering if you have ever tested for these? They can make you pretty sick and perhaps would cause some of your symptoms. Most docs dont test for them , but they are there, beleive me! Just a thought for you! It wouldnt' hurt to do some parasite/colon cleansing perhaps, then call me in the morning! lol! Take care and I hope you find some relief from your illness. IT's exhausting to have chronic illness and I applaud your attitude!
    Bee well, Maria.

    1. Some researchers have indeed wondered whether parasites are involved. I have had a top researcher tell me that I have, indeed, bacteria, eating away at my brain tissue, my muscle tissue, everything. This is evidenced by the continuuing deteriation of various internal body tissues, IC and IBS and muscle inability to build up muscle through exercise, deteriation of IQ and brain function, cysts throughout the body. But having moved Since then, to a small town, everyone thinks that I'm crazy since I look healthy and young on the outside (like acne this bad at 34 years old ands rashes that are suppossed to away but won't are ok and normal)...and say they don't know about thses


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