Bob Free Zone

A collection of posts totally devoid of mentions of the dreaded Bob.  Some my poor attempts at humour.  Some a little bit more serious.

4th August 2009
Man Sick vs Woman Sick

4th August 2009
The love that dare not speak it's name

2nd September 2009
Chick flick moment

13th September 2009
Brownies from heaven

6th October 2009
Ode to joy aka my furry babies

25th October 2009
Farewell to the Brandy Hag

11th November 2009
Lest we forget

27th December 2009
Apologies from an errant blogger

29th December 2009
The obligatory Christmas post

31st December 2009
Happy New Years Eve (And an end to onychocryptosis)

4th January 2010

8th January 2010
Why yes.  My house does smell like cat pee

1st February 2010
A word from our sponsor X

28th February 2010
Forget me not

3rd April 2010
An experience of elegance and lingering pleasure

19th April 2010
I'm sure even Mother Teresa thought school concerts should have a bar

22nd April 2010
Going on a troll hunt: as narrated by Sir David Attenborough

27th April 2010
Precious Things

17th May 2010
I would like to thank the academy

8th June 2010
Lies, damn lies, and statistics

3rd July 2010
You get less for murder

12th July 2010
Patience is over-rated

27th July 2010
The Wonder Years

13th January 2011
The Queensland flood (Victorian Update)

12th Feb 2011
We can rebuild him 

9th April 2011
Twenty Years

15th Novemeber 2011
Animal People by Charlotte Wood Give Away

27th November 2011
And the winner of a copy of Charlotte Wood's Animal Planet is

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