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Desmopressin (DDAVP)

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  1. Thank you for all the tips.

    Here's a possible tip that worked to help me reduce my vomiting:
    I have had POTS for several decades, which in June 2015 began transforming into full blown dysautonamia. One of the things that gave me the most problems initially was the massive increase in nausea & vomiting. At some point early on, a GI doctor thought I might have cyclic vomiting syndrome, and suggested my body might be lacking in a natural enzyme: Coenzyme Q 10.

    Enter CoQ10. Easily purchased over the counter at pharmacies, health food stores, for heavens same, event Target.

    It reduced my vomiting hugely. Nothing for the nausea ( damn it) but where I used to vomit daily, many times a day quite often - now it's maybe once a week.

    My neurologist thought it might help with migraines, too, but not me. It's worth taking to keep my food down and stop the weight loss, for me. I started with 200 mg 3 times a day. I now take 400 mg twice a day.

    In case it helps anyone, I wanted to share.

  2. Wonderful Blog! I too am a "Dysautonomic" Mine however is a woman, I call her Hellen (with two LLs, as in Hell).

  3. I have been treated twice with IV Saline. I have hyperadrenergic POTS and NS is gone in two days. I urinate like a race horse. I truly believe that I am anemic (meat makes me sick). I want to convince my dysautonomia specialist to consider IV saline as my gut is useless. I take 50 mg Carbidopa 30 minutes before meals (like I can eat) and I also take 0.2 Florinef a day. I take CoReg as well. Tired. And constipated.


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